Top 10 Hookah Flavors

by BabaJoonie

Posted on January 1, 2021 at 4:20 PM

hookah shisha flavors

Finding the right shisha (tobacco) flavor can be hard, you're not alone. We've tried many flavors, we've loved many flavors, hated even more. Here's our top 10 list of best hookah flavors in our experience.

#10 White Gummy Bear - Fumari $11.00/100g

Usually abbreviated as WGB, White Gummy Bear is a sweet mixture cherry, peach, pineapple, and lemon/lime. In my experience, gummy bear is either a hit or miss. People either love or hate it due to its sweetness. Highly recommended for people trying a variety of flavors in one session, but we don’t advise having this as your only flavor.

#9 Double Apple - Nakhla $6.99/100g

Cheaper and more potent than its competitors, Nakhla’s Double Apple is always a reliable option. Light and sweet, Double Apple’s non-offensive taste delivers a solid buzz, but it’s nothing to write home about.

#8 Blue Mist - Starbuzz $10.99/100g

A sweet blueberry flavor with a hint of mint aftertaste, Bluemist is a generally popular flavor during the session. Not only is the flavor good, but the actual smoking sensation is smooth and tingly. However, we saw that the flavor burns out relatively quick.

#7 French Vanilla - Fumari $11.00/100g

A unique flavor delivering a mellow and soft creamy vanilla flavor, French Vanilla is loved by everyone, especially the ladies. Good for serving as-is or for mixing. Definitely a unique flavor worth trying out.

#6 Mint - Al Fakher $6.99/100g

A perfect balance, Mint is a medium-strength flavor that tastes and smokes very well. Mint is great for mixing with other flavors, too. You can learn more about mixing here. Overall, Mint is a solid flavor that you can count on.

#5 White Chai - Star Buzz $10.50/100g

A fruity twist on the traditional Chai tea flavor, White Chai is a tasty variant on one of our favorite flavors, Chai. Some compare it to a mix of Spiced Chai and White Gummy Bear. White Chai also comes in Starbuzz Bold, a more potent version of the shisha, for 12.99.

#4 Ambrosia - Fumari $11.00/100g

“Ambrosia - the fruit of the Gods, often depicted as conferring immortality on whoever consumed it”, Ambrosia is always a solid choice for hookah; with it’s smooth and mildly sweet fruit flavor, Ambrosia is always a fan favorite during the hookah session. Also, people love to hear that they’re smoking “ambrosia”, an amusing party trick for sure.

#3 Lemon - Al Fakher $6.99/100g

A decently sweet citrus flavor, Lemon is one of the most reliable flavors we’ve ever used. At every session, everyone loves lemon. Along with that, the flavor lasts awhile and doesn’t burn out after a couple hits.

#2 Grapemint - Al Fakher $6.99/100g

In our experience, Grapemint is the most reliable flavor for parties. Overall great taste, not too sweet but not too dull. Good performance, always getting positive reviews. Great for first time smokers. You can never go wrong with Grapemint, it will always hold a spot in the hookah session.

#1 Spiced Chai - Fumari $11.00/100g

Our overall favorite for taste and performance. Spiced Chai is always a classic and fan favorite. Extraordinarily smooth and slow burning. Not too sweet, Chai is the perfect flavor for relaxing and conversating. A people pleaser for sure, highly recommended.