BabaJoonie Hookahs

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Our Mission

How it all started

Aiming to bring diversity and innovation to the hookah to the primordial hookah industry, BabaJoonie is a modern-focused company with the goal of changing the norm of hookah smoking. Being college students, the founders of the company loved hookah, Hookah was their perfect excuse to hangout with friends and throw parties. Everyone loved it, and it brought everyone together.

However, as their use of hookah persisted, they started to become concerned of the potential health risks the persistent hookah smoking would bring. After researching, the students figured out multiple methods to lower the health concern of smoking without hindering the experience. Moreover, they realized the industry for these methods, such as percolators and carbon filters, were almost exclusive for cannabis smoking; none of these accessories could be found for the niche industry of hookah smoking.

Taking matters into their own hands, the students decided to research, plan, and produce their own ways of making these hookah accessories. As the parities persisted, fellow hookah connoisseurs started to notice that the smoke from their hookah was incredible smooth and asked where they bought their accessories from. The boys explained that they had hand built a coconut carbon filter into their hookah, which not only made the smoke remarkably smoother, but also removed 95% of the cancer-causing carcinogens from the shisha. Amazed, the connoisseurs advised them to start selling the products. Following their advice, they got together and started BabaJoonie.

August 2020 - Present





August 2006 - May 2010



August 2002 - May 2006


BabaJoonie currently only sells products online, but we plan to sell our products in local smoke shops around Los Angeles.