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From carbon filters to percolators to hand crafted bowls, BabaJoonie has the quality accessories needed to greatly improve your hookah smoking experience.

Hookah Catering

BabaJoonie offers local hookah catering around Southern California. We come to you and bring the party. Don’t worry about it, we handle everything.

Content Creation

BabaJoonie produces hookah-related content. Video tutorials, reviews, rankings, podcasts, we have it all.



How to Improve Hookah
Easy and cheap methods to drastically improve hookah
Hookah Catering in Los Angeles
Cheap hourly rates with free delievery to be the life of your party!
Our favorites throughout the years
How to Become a Hookah God
The simple steps to become an impressive hookah "God"
Carbon Filters
The future of healthier and smoother hookah
Homemade Shisha Bowls
The best gift for hookah lovers!

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